Our own award winning horse thermometer.
  • Quick reading
  • Easy to use
  • Ergonomic and safe
  • The special length makes it possible to take the temperature in exactly the correct place and its bevelled form safeguards it from slipping in too deep
  • It takes only 20 - 25 seconds to measure the temperature
  • High accuracy of measurement without highly toxic mercury
  • Easy to clean with tepid water. Battery LR41 can be changed without specialist tools
material: ABS plastic, non toxic
total length: 24 cm

To start: Hold down the button. Initially188.8 is displayed in the window, followed by Lo and then 37.0 followed again by Lo and then a blinking C. The thermometer is now ready to use. After 20-25 seconds the reading is complete and the thermometer emits a beep.
Normal temperature for a horse is 37,5-38,2 degrees Celsius
To switch off: Hold down the button again.